against all good and evil

Against All Good and Evil

December 9, 2011
  1. Treachery
  2. My Final Relapse
  3. Unmake You
  4. Buried by the Light
  5. Chekhov’s Gun
  6. Deciphering the Signal
  7. Axis Mundi
  8. Home Made Holocaust
  9. Turning Shears to Swords
  10. Technocrat
  11. Spiritual Guillotine
  12. Against All Good
  13. Against All Evil

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1. Treachery

How can you define a man,
If not by the taste of his own words
And as long as life might span
We reign upon this faux enclosed
Destiny, I laugh at thee
Your reign of terror soon to pass
I now declare thy chains removed
This broken oath benign the past

It comes as no surprise
Like biting bullets, grinding teeth
Your called reclusion lingering
A sliced promise to a sliced wrist

These loathing smiles I will delete
Your grudging grasp now obsolete
Torn apart beneath the unlearnt history
Bombardment of these past mistakes
I light a match to your oily wake
Treachery, sweet treachery

An endless line of failure stands
In front of what you comprehend
Majestic impotence of acts
Next to the trust you seem to lack

Like mother that forsakes her son
In a trash can down the street
A crime that cannot be undone
Atrocious vow, splendent defeat

Condemned the partners you betrayed
In your smothering serenade
Breathing just this foul adultery
To put an end to your charade
Sever the ties with a scorning blade
Treachery, of sweet treachery


2. My Final Relapse

Picking the wound with the hands of a healer
That has gone sour in years
Insight entombed, till the fog will get clearer
With searing comes the fear

An overcoming urge
To default, to obtain
The latest power surge
Of a little change in plans

Shudder to think of the consequences
Of this angry-filtered letting go
Like the moth to the flame I'm attracted
To the only path that I know

A repeated answer to the mundane ordeal
Which comes from a man who can't tell what is real?
A personal struggle, euphoria no longer applies
"This is my final relapse" he had sworn to the lie

A man with no future will ask
What is right, what is wrong?
Cannot foresee the coming disaster
The same sickening old song


3. Unmake You

A storm is coming to flood the gate
But it won't break through my walls
The servants rise to overthrow their kings
And miserable they'll fall

So it comes to pass
Your true face is shown at last
The perfect opportunity to fail

There will be no turning back
Once the table will be set
How easily you turn friends to foes
To me you never were a threat

Don't make me unmake you
Your suffering has only just begun

So it comes to pass
Your disposition turns to dust
I'll compromise the future
To forget this perfect past


4. Buried By The Light

Before you share your manifest
As a contagious sore
I'll play the urban pessimist
You're rotten to the deepest core
It's not a vision in your eyes
As just another brain cell dies
A deadbeat nation with no guide
Hysterical peace-keeping whores

You little barefoot busy bee
You speak of brave new love
You preach of turning back to basics
But there's a laptop in your lap
You'll change the world with tribal dances
And a multy-story modern Zen
What makes you thing you'll save the day?
All that you do is second hand

The stench of change that makes no change
No change at all!
I must confess with no regrets
I cannot wait to watch your fall!

Buried by the light - that swept this modern age Rome
Buried by the light - funeral pyre of what I called home

So now you say you've traveled far
With lots of cash and time to kill
With meanings hidden in a jar
Messiahs made of little pills
You think you are the throne's redemption
Where there's no fear, there are no questions
You hold the keys of misconception
That all you saw was real

Rebel as much as they allow
When time is right, you'll break your vows
Become your parents anyhow
And the mediocrity that they endow


5. Chekhov's Gun

From the start / to the end / of this road
Stand aside / petrified / from this fraud
All these lies / cold as ice / sacrificed

You will break / on the stake / one more take,
Set the stage / tear a page / untamed rage,
Move in stealth / hold their breath / drowned in bath
Dreams of death

One by one we all fall in despair and suffering
None of us have such a cross to bear upon the screen

Devil dance / on the chance / to find life
Plead the fifth / spitting filth / provoke strife
On the air / wild affair / no one cared
Eat your young

Set all your / stories straight / for the judge
Misconception of hate / tense and grudge
Foul deeds / plant the seeds / pleading kids
Flooded lungs

You will burn on the altar for your pointless parade
For the sins of our fathers made our teeth set on edge
An unnatural selection - let loose the wolves
Chekhov's gun, locked & loaded, is the purest of proofs

Innocent children lured by their parents, like prey taking bait
And justice is coming, as always, a little too late


6. Deciphering The Signal

Welcome to your future crash site
Where old tenets engulf the modern world
Let vagaries grow in hundreds
Let your cogitation deterred

Deciphering the signal
Of mankind's last resort
A linguistic overtone
Where dreams make science rot
Deciphering the signal
Unchanged neccessity
Replace the code of conduct
With new bigotry

Psychological temples and clerics of reason
Intelligence flowing like lives shred in crimson
Benevolent murder of critical thinking
As personalities led to the brink of extinction

This behavioral scripture is illusive at best
Decrepit answer of whims, desires and zests
Despicable structure that's raising new prophets
Root out this ailing wry concept


7. Axis Mundi



8. Home Made Holocaust

I've grown sick and tired from what mankind can offer me
I learned to know that I'm better than anyone I'll ever meet
My parents thought that I'm a beacon of despair
And still they grant me freedom to accomplish my malign affairs

A secret tyrant
Assume control
Of earth's entire providence
With no one watching
Imminent fall
Degenerated brilliance

I find social interactions nothing but a waste of time
The usage of my resources feels just like a tactical sublime
I couldn't care less for your whimpering façade
I've trained a whole lifetime to stand against you and your odds

Authentic genius
Caprices' crown
An outcast of misbegotten deeds
With unclear reason
Vague shaded bounds
Can't trust the hand that feeds

All fair in love and war, and you'll get no love from me
Pacifists can't settle scores,
Dare to walk this road and see
Shadow of my former self, a dry and empty crust
Spreading judgement from mom's basement, homemade holocaust

Duct-taped philosophies tie another node
I'm armed to my teeth as my master-plan unfolds
Behavior is a riddle scarring me with doubt
And what is this compassion that you talk about

A deadly password
Rmeoved with ease
Fortifications broken down
Keep pressing forward
The end complete
A kid with a hundred atom bombs


9. Turning Shears To Swords

This has gone far enough
The vacuity of what you stood for
Your turbid stand, dried out and hanged
And we were those who kicked the trapdoor

Your perpetual stench reeks out from the morals you dissolved
You stand as a fact that even the rats can evolve
Embody the old, the layers down under, grown fat and obese
Let tranquility be torn asunder as we bring down the beast

Odious decadence
I'm killing your tune, chord by chord
Revoking this stalemate
As we're turning shears into swords

Be it your disdain
For what you thought that will not strive
Like the enemy you tried to tame
We'll prove we're very much alive

No parental guidance - just musical world of hurt
Your deaf ears will finally hear our words
Throwing the wrench in the gears of industrial art
Let this song turn your shears to swors


10. Technocrat

Wet wires circled around your neck
Sewn into the vision you forsake
And as you clear the fog around me
You'll find a new obscurity

A requiem for the initiative
A charge to keep against all which is offensive
Upgrading amok, as luxuries breed
Technological fumble in immortal speed

A vow of obedience is programmed in a card
I play the last of options, and the final note is hard
The random lights and cryptic writing spell the coming end
Of all that is humane, and what you'll never understand

By the future you once own
Stolen by the neon pantheon
You've divided and you conquered well
Led every single brain to fail

The engines of comfort moan with a sigh
As another victim falls prey to their lie
Unreachable memories of days long past
In a giant machine never built to last


11. Spiritual Guilliotine

How did they manage to decode us?
We were nothing but tools for the trade
Do we drive so easily to extreme?
Stricken by years of being afraid

Behind the cinderblocks of trauma
There is a hidden room for guilt

No we won't march in shame
To be butchered by your idle hands
No we won't lower heads
Fed unto the spiritual guilliotine

Inflicted with thoughts against a common foe
Never to trust a stranger again
Even though subterfuge slowly starts to grow
Old habits are hard to be slain

You cannot stop this deadly drama
Buried under tons of grit

Too many despeate lines were written
Too many distress calls been made
Too many mothers mourned too many sons
Too many years of being afraid

No - we won't march in shame
No - we won't take the blame
No - we won't lower heads
No - we won't!


12. Against All Good

Narrow minded herds, self-loving and absorbed
Welcoming the plague, with barbed tainted flags
Standing all alone no longer is your own
Heed this dying tone, already carved in stone

With halos of iron, spread your wings of trust

The rules that you enact are quarreled with your facts
The syndromes you endorse are kicking your dead horse
Your movements had been raped by day jobs and red tapes
And nihility prevailed between their fingernails

The waves will wash ashore
What your shameful bliss has done against all odds
Give in to fear and fall before
The consequences gods

Beg to differ where no difference can be spared
Embrace with open arms the scent of smoking guns
Cry out from the top of your collapsing lungs
How the world has turned its back on you and smiled

Renounce your false-golden dreams
Set fire to the ideals once stood proud
Tear down the walls, lit (sic) up the consensus
Rise from those boundaries unbowed

Shatter your glass prison
Regrets, you'll have none
To progress is to shed skin
Let bygones be bygones

Make amends with your true nature
Do not submit to the voice of the old
Shed your true individual light
Unto this vacant world


13. Against All Evil

Miscalculated destiny
Driven to its end
Reclaiming Ahab's retribution
On this white whale world of man

This Gordian knot was cut in silence
Confined in this mortal shell
I swear to none of these allegiances
The arrow turn, the sword rebel

No validity
No purpose found above
Moral event horizon has been passed
Siphon divinity
Defy both hate and love
Stand against them all and watch the world collapse

Serene I fought angelic monsters
To this deviant bliss
There's nothing staring back at me
For I am the abyss