the reasoning

The Reasoning

October 26, 2014
  1. The Reasoning
  2. No Heir To The Throne
  3. The Devil’s Words (From The Angel’s Mouth)
  4. Lost To The Flame
  5. The Chemical Crusaders
  6. The Scale
  7. Wolves In Wolve’s Clothings
  8. Sacred Evolution
  9. Faith In Humanity Destroyed
  10. Shrouded Haven (Ft. Fabio Lione)
  11. Mentally Blind (Death Cover)

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1. The Reasoning

A thousand smiling faces
Could not hold back your tears
Perpetual indifference
To the brunt held by your peers

Understanding what it'll cost
Your perspective is forever lost
These excuses will exhaust
Even you, my fingers are crossed

This is my grand reasoning
This is how I welcome the end

You swing a terrible truth
Much like an axe
Hoping to chop down
This forest of facts
I now understand
What we must do on our own
A yoke made of iron
We'll reshape to a throne

This reasoning is engraved
With the verses of conquering words
This reasoning is what we have
We are left to our own accord

There were no spoils of war to be shared
Yet you horded the loot that we spared
You cannot claim a title that needs to be earned
And this is the lesson you refuse to learn

So take your sluggard decree
That smeared your own name
Back to the place where we started
Before this campaign
Holding a bittersweet grudge
That would smother your flame
This reasoning judge
You got only yourself to blame


2. No Heir to the Throne

Powerless I stand before you
The tides of shifting sands of time
Cracks, holes and empty promises
Like that writhing skin of mine

Scattered are the ashes of this momentary sigh
Held by the throat I am left on my own
Disciple of titles, I have searched for a sign
And thus I will leave no heir to the throne

In retrospect almost all that we do is a waste
Meaningless cells in a meaningless pace

Monuments of forgetfulness
Surround me like halos of flies
Regrets that bear no fruit at all
Are all that's left before I die

Suit for a king is this effort
Remained behind glass, out of sight
No one is immortal
If our work is embraced by light


3. The Devil's Words (From the Angel's Mouth)

They sweep the land untarnished, embraced by our denial
Whole generations garnished, a face behind the lisle
Inflicted dead weight premise, how dare you wink and smile?
Your beauty in these numbers, a fraction in this wile

Not a moment too soon, their dagger faithfully stabs
And now their destinies revealed
The Devil's words drips from the angel's mouth
And again this falsity concealed

They never dare to dwell deeper, they never dare to learn
The Alphabet is burning, its syllables will turn
Decapitate their numbers, to seconds and to thirds
This kabalistic spheres shine through the devil's words


4. Lost To the Flame

Cold 2011, in the chill of the middle of March

Like a disaster waiting to happen, barely holding its charge
A blazing flame had ignited, revealing a hint of a grin
Disguised as a dying ember, beguiling me into a gin

The ember burns, she hungers for a source of fuel
Her power grows; quickly she's hopping like a fool onto the floor
Then she expands to every wall
With scorching steps, her dreadful grace consumes it all

A mournful morning reduced my life to dust
Counting memories to the last
Stories, fabrics, papers, pictures, moments caught in a frame
All I was defined by - All is lost to the flame

I deserve this rude awakening, for letting down my guard
To see my home collapsing, a burning house of cards
A fire I thought that had died, a mistress that dances in awe
The non metaphorical bash to the face that is my broken jaw

I see 30 years swirling down the drain
Notebooks I've written as a child, poems I've written as a man

You stop at nothing; impossible to quench
So hard to kill you, you sot belligerent wench
Playtime is over with this blistering deadly dame
All I was defined by – All is lost to the flame

As I sit in ashes, my hands are searching to find
Something I could hold on to, a little peace of mind
Nothing lies beneath this blackened veil of cinder
Losing all I'm defined by through the gap between my fingers


5. The Scale

Through the looking glass we find the evidence we seek
To prove our rights and wrongs and change our morals as we speak
Radiocarbon dating estimates 3000 years
Shedding light unto a subject no one dares to go near

As the world keep turning
Nothing is truly justified
Each of us should ask himself
"How desperate am I?"

Raise the bar for everyone and look the other way
Diminishing your progress, we have led you all astray
Hold on to your precious research with no avail
Nothing you discover can truly tip the scale

History and chemistry and politics combine
First deface the facts and figures, leave nothing to opine
Adding extra steps, and if somehow you'll prevail-
Like serpents shedding skin, we will remove those scales

Theories combusted
Each one of them is flawed
We all should ask ourselves
"How far do we take this fraud?"


6. The Chemical Crusaders

Waking into nightmares
Of a new-old middle east
Engulfed by superstitions
And intricate release
The beast to wear this burden
Will not join in this feast
Warmongers in our bedrooms
Bequeathed their legacies

So – you'll break an open door
When you step upon my shores
Like the good old times of yore
Claim your spoils of war

I will heed the sound
Of the fog horns when they'll ring
When the zero hour comes
Bringing angels on steel wings
My knees kiss the ground
And my face against this loam
As The Chemical Crusaders
Carve their mark upon my home

Dread consumes my lifetime
And deprave me of myself
My family is scattered
I no longer fear my death
Once an educated student
Of your cultures and degrees
Now I walk among you, strangers
In the wasteland you left me

So – read between the slugs
Between trip-wired lugs
Between the graves I dug
Deep down we're all thugs


7. Wolves In Wolves' Clothing

Glad you can join us
Please take a sit
The time has come to learn
Why you don't fit

Ungratefulness in its pure form
Pouring concrete to fixate a norm

We're wolves! Let our pack begin the hunt
All dressed in shadows, ever ready to confront

We insist to leave a trail
Yet you won't follow
When every second thought has failed
Is the truth so hard to swallow?

Like father like son
A spineless band
After banishing the hounds
Take possession of their den

Fifth columnists in its pure form
We'll howl and take your world by storm

From the price tags policy you endorsed
To your government findings, can it get any worse?
Don't you dare to forget what they say
Who is the predator and who is the prey


8. Sacred Evolution

Play your D-N-A like string of a harp
As eulogy of how you gave it up
Devotion and faith from biblical years
Scorched all you achieved, based only in fear

A different setting collides with our own
No one to bear this torch anymore

Sacred Evolution
Devolve back to the spirits of need
Sacred Evolution
Let your country crumble to a kingdom of greed

Stock the flaming end of the words of God
Blur the holy text, all written in blood
Smear the sacrilege, ban the renaissance
God cannot stop this holy puppet dance

A stab in democracy's pitiful ground
No one will bear this torch anymore

Sacred Evolution
The traditional wound that eternally bleeds
Sacred Evolution
The final step to fundamental regime


9. Faith In Humanity Destroyed

When all rivers run to the sea
We are left to drink our tears
I await and stand aghast
As our wishes disappear

A legacy of concubines and syncopates
I've hoped to lift this mask a long time ago
Savor this grandeur of delusion
And then leave it room to grow

Facing an emptiness so vast
In a world that is never built to last
And nothing can ever fill this void
As my faith in humanity's destroyed

As it was, now it soon shall be
The gathering lepers, their pipes calling thee
Our cities avulsed, their outsides are in
Surrounded by pity, collapsing in sin

Grinding the gears of the social machine
Both scars and tattoos removed from the skin
But I can't find the courage
To ask for a heart made of tin


10. Shrouded Haven (Ft. Fabio Lione)

Barefoot I stride - walking on the autumn leaves
The stars are aligned - The city's calling back its thieves
This pavement is cold - and with every step I tell my tale
A story untold - A ship lost at sea without a sail

It is impossible to run
It is impossible to be done
Seeking a shrouded haven
A shelter found by none

The neon lights fade - But the streets are echoing my name
In midnights I wade - And still it feels more of the same

A lie told so many times - is still a lie
Understanding more and more - won't change it by and by
Shunning myself from the world - alone
Still this pavement growing cold - and no stone left unturned